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Home again. Anybody else finding that 9pm hits and you're wired to go onstage, but have nowhere to go? I thought I'd gotten used to being off tour, but those festivals put me right back into the cycle. It's almost enough to convince me to join you in club-hopping Adam. Almost.

But it was lovely to play live again, wasn't it? And I think we really reached 'em, ya know? You all reminded me once again why I put that notice up on the board in the first place.

This morning was an adventure. Did my laundry entirely by myself, for the first time in my life I think. I was rather concerned that I'd end up with pink knickers or some other silly mishap, but luckily I managed to come out unscathed other than a missing sock. Where do those go, anyway?

I think I may head out for a pint in a bit, if anyone is around and wants to join me. I'm thinking Dockers. Hope to see you lot there.
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