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Since nobody took me up on my plea, I was forced to throw myself on the mercy of our very own Elvis and deliver up several dozen biscuits to his flat. However, I've still two dozen left. Adam? Come on, I know you like Cece's biscuits. And we haven't been riding in ages. When would you like to get together to go for a ride?

Edge, I was talking to my landlady this morning, and she told me about several other places she is looking to let. One is out here on the beach, a few doors down. Another is just off St. Stephen's Green, a Georgian. A third is over the sweets shop on Grafton Street. If you've an interest, I'd be happy to join you in looking at them. I quite fancy the idea of you in the Georgian, myself. Somehow, its quiet dignity would suit you.

Bono, my very own Cookie Monster, are you interested in a picnic? I'm thinking Wicklow Mountains, lots of fresh air and a lovely fresh breeze, maybe a stream to sit by... Although we'll have to get Ads to recommend a wine for us as I'm sure we'd do it all wrong otherwise.

I think I'm getting the hang of this holiday thing. S'a pity it'll end just when I've got it all figured out. But I see that Bono and Edge have been hard at work, hammering out the direction of our next album. Just let me know when to buy the coconuts.
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