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I am nearly moved in now, thanks to Bono's unselfish willingness to pack and move boxes, and his ability to keep me on task and get me to throw away some of the less necessary items.

I've a need for some furnishings, and I was thinking that you, Adam, might be just the person to take along, with your sense of style and flair.

Edge, if you will pardon the occasional box and the lack of furniture, my castle is ready for the grand tour. Whenever you'd like to come see it, I'm sitting here bored outta my mind. Mind you, I'm sitting here on my very own piece of sandy, rocky beach, having an iced tea and being bored. But bored outta my mind none the less.

Bono, I know you've a busy calendar today. However, I was hoping you'd be available tomorrow night, perhaps, to experiment with the moonlight through the sittingroom windows.

To all: Cece has come and loaded my refrigerator with loads of fresh-cooked meals, and has left with me several dozen just-baked chocolate-chip biscuits. If you come and keep me company, I'll share....
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