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So, JJ needed a bath yesterday. He'd gotten into something on the beach and smelled like shite. That was an adventure. Imagine, if you will, a very large, very frisky, very soapy and slippery puppy galloping through the house, leaving wet footprints and soap suds in his wake, with a naked drummer chasing after him. High comedy I assure you. JJ was finally caught and the bath was finally completed, so in the end I won the war. However, I'm quite certain that in the process I very much lost the battle. Next time I may have to deploy additional forces.

I've succeeded, thanks to Cece's wise tutoring and careful eye, in making the most incredible Guiness cheese soup and my landlady delivered a lovely looking blackforest tort to my door this morning. (Apparently she thinks I'm too thin.) And I think I could manage to whip up a nice salad or some sandwiches to go with, if anyone is interested in coming to visit me for a late lunch date.
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